Future Directions in Social and Emotional Learning and Education

Resource Pages and Videos

April 2023

The Role of Social and Emotional Learning in Future Workforce Readiness

October 2022

Supporting evidence-based SEL programs: What state policymakers can do

August 2022

Mindfulness in Schools: Evidence on the Impacts of School-based Mindfulness Programs on Student Outcomes in P-12 Educational Settings

September 2021

Opportunities to Strengthen SEL Impact through Youth-Led Participatory Research (YPAR)

June 2021

Trauma-Sensitive Schools and Social and Emotional Learning: An Integration

September 2020

Supporting School Community Wellness with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) During and After a Pandemic

May 2020

SEL assessment to support effective social emotional learning practices at scale

October 2019

Principals’ Social and Emotional Competence: A Key Factor for Creating Caring Schools