Future Directions in Social and Emotional Learning and Education

Issue Briefs

March 2024

Systemic Social and Emotional Learning: A Coordinated Approach to Student Success Across Settings

November 2023

Innovation in Strategies and Practices to Promote Social and Emotional Skills

April 2023

The Role of Social and Emotional Learning in Future Workforce Readiness

October 2022

Supporting evidence-based SEL programs: What state policymakers can do

August 2022

Mindfulness in schools: Evidence on the impacts of school-based mindfulness programs on student outcomes in P-12 educational settings

September 2021

Opportunities to strengthen SEL impact through Youth-Led Participatory Research (YPAR)

June 2021

Trauma-sensitive schools and social and emotional learning: An integration

September 2020

Supporting school community wellness with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) during and after a pandemic

May 2020

SEL assessment to support effective social emotional learning practices at scale

October 2019

Principal’s social and emotional competence: A key factor for creating caring schools

January 2019

Social and emotional development matters: Taking action now for future generations

December 2018

With a little help from my friends: The importance of peer relationships for social-emotional development

June 2018

Applying an equity lens to social, emotional, and academic development

April 2018

Social-emotional development in the first three years

January 2018

School climate and Social and Emotional Learning

October 2017

Promoting social and emotional learning in the middle and high school years

June 2017

Improving the social emotional skills in childhood enhances long-term well-being and economic outcomes

May 2017

Promoting social emotional learning in preschool: Programs and practices that work

April 2017

Social emotional learning in elementary school: Preparation for success

January 2017

Parent engagement practices improve outcomes for preschool children

September 2016

Teacher stress and health: Effects on teachers, students, and schools