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April 19, 2023

Expanding Empathy Speaker Series: Ways to Channel Empathy

Anat Perry, Ph.D. Associate Professor at the Psychology Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Director of the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Lecture title: "The Contribution of Different Information Channels to Empathy and Social Communication" Antti Kauppinen, Ph.D. Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Helsinki Lecture title: "Empathy, Bias, and Manipulation"
April 12, 2023

Expanding Empathy Speaker Series: Moral Learning

Victor Kumar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of the interdisciplinary Mind and Morality Lab at Boston University Lecture title: "What We Can Learn from the Historic Decline of Anti-Gay Attitudes" Oriel FeldmanHall, Ph.D. Alfred Manning Associate Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences at Brown University. Lecture title: "How Emotion Influences Social Learning"
April 3, 2023

Expanding Empathy Speaker Series: Empathy, Effort, and Common Ground

Patricia Lockwood, Ph.D. Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Jacobs Foundation Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham Lecture title: “How Willing Are We to Put in Effort to Help Others? Prosocial Motivation across the Lifespan and in the Brain” Hannah Read, Ph.D. Researcher, Duke University Lecture title: “The Benefits of Risk of Empathy and Common Ground”
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