Seminars & Events

The Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center coordinates weekly seminars on prevention science featuring outstanding researchers in the prevention sciences. Commitment to outreach efforts extends to the co-sponsorship of workshops, seminars, and conferences with nonprofit organizations and research universities—a list is maintained on this page and information is distributed via listserves. Finally, the center is very proud of its annual Bennett Lecture in Prevention Science, which brings internationally renowned scholars to Penn State for several days of meetings and presentations with the University prevention sciences community.

The Bennett Lecture in Prevention Science

One of the Center's most visible outreach efforts is the Bennett Lecture in Prevention Science. This annual lecture recognizes a leading scientist in this field.

Weekly Seminar and Brown Bags

To receive a weekly email notification of seminar topics and speakers, send email to the PRC.

Seminar and Brown Bag Schedules

Information for PRC Seminar Speakers

Graduate Prevention Seminars

As part of its mission to promote prevention science through the training of next-generation prevention researchers, the Prevention Research Center conducts weekly seminars for Penn State graduate students and faculty. The seminars feature (1) speakers from around the University who are engaged in Prevention Research, (2) talks by visiting scientists and state officials concerned with prevention programming, (3) discussion of prevention research issues, and (4) presentations by graduate students involved in Prevention Center activities.

Seminars (see above) are held each Wednesday afternoon during spring and fall semesters, from 4 - 5 pm. The seminars meet in Pike Auditorium, Biobehavioral Health Building, unless otherwise noted. Students may register (HDFS 504) to have the series count as 1 credit.

Center Meetings

Center meetings are open to PRC staff and researchers; notice of upcoming meetings and agenda items are distributed approximately one week before each meeting. Meetings are typically held on the first Wedneday of each month.

Other Seminars, Workshops, and Conferences Co-Sponsored by the Prevention Research Center

October 4–5, 2011 19th Annual Symposium on Family Issues
"Families and Child Health"
Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

November 11–12, 2011 The Applied Mindfulness Conference
"Mindfulness Meditation: Why Now?"
Stress Reduction Center, West Chester University

April 26–29, 2012 International Symposia for Contemplative Studies
Denver, Colorado

October 8–9, 2012 20th Annual Symposium on Family Issues
"Emerging Methods in Family Research 2012"
Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

October 29–30, 2012 The Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Traumatic Impact, Prevention, and Intervention, Penn State

September 25, 2013 The Second Annual Conference on Child Protection and Well-being: Protecting Pennsylvania's Children by Building Multidisciplinary Investigative Teams/Child Advocacy Centers, Penn State

October 7, 2013 Penn State's 21st Annual Symposium on Family Issues—"Diverging Destinies: Families in an Era of Increasing Inequality", Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

April 2, 2014 Screening and Discussion of "Lost for Life", a film by Josh Rofe, Carnegie Cinema, Penn State University Park

May 5–6, 2014 Penn State's Third Annual Conference on Child Protection and Well-Being, Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

October 13–14, 2014 Penn State's 22nd Symposium on Family Issues—"Gender and Couple Relationships", Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

September 30-October 1, 2015 Penn State Network on Child Protection and Well Being, Fourth Annual Conference, "New Frontiers in the Biology of Stress, Maltreatment, and Trauma: Opportunities for Translation, Resilience, and Reservibility", Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

October 26-27, 2015 Penn State's 23rd Annual National Symposium on Family Issues, "Boys and Men in African American Families", Nittany Lion Inn, Penn State University Park

PRC Retreats

2009 Retreat—Mindfulness

2010 Retreat—Review of International Projects in the PRC

2011 Retreat—Thinking about Obesity, Healthy Lifestyles, and National Priorities

2012 Retreat—Current PRC Projects and New Initiatives

2014 Mini-Retreat—PRC Updates and News

Past Events

  • Talking Across Paradigms meeting at Penn State, October 2004
  • Prevention Research Center Five-Year Anniversary
  • Prevention Research Center Ten-Year Anniversary