Richard Fiene

Ph.D., Newport University, 1978

Director, Capital Area Early Childhood Training Institute

Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Contact Information

2001 N. Front St.
Building 1, Suite 314
Harrisburg, PA 17102


Research Interests

Childcare, infants, parent-child relationships, preschool, program development/ evaluation, public policy, toddlers.

Examples of Current Prevention Projects

Early Care and Education, and Infant and Toddler Training Program

Greater Harrisburg Foundation, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Keystone University Research Corporation, Erie, Pennsylvania and Department of Public Welfare, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 2000

Mentoring Evaluation Projects, York, Lebanon, Cumberland, Lycoming Counties, Pennsylvania

Start Date: 2002

The Pennsylvania Early Childhood Quality Study, Governor’s Task Force on Early Care and Education
Governor’s Partnership

Start Date: 2002

Regional Training Organization and Stars Technical Assistance Agency

Start Date: 2003

The Institute has been designated as the regional training organization for south central Pennsylvania. A collaboration is in place with the Penn State Department of Human Development and Family Studies to cover all 24 counties of the Department of Public Welfare's Central Region related to Keystone Stars technical assistance.

Recent Publications

Fiene, Greenberg, Bergsten, Carl, Fegley, & Gibbons (2002). The Pennsylvania early childhood quality settings study, Harrisburg, PA: Governor's Task Force on Early Care and Education.

Fiene, R. (2002). Improving child care quality through an infant caregiver mentoring project. Child and Youth Care Forum, 31(2), 75–83.

Fiene, R. (2002). Licensing related indicators of quality child care. Child Care Bulletin, Winter, 12–13.

Fiene, R. (2002). Thirteen indicators of quality child care: Research update. Washington, DC: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Johnson, Fiene, R., Keat, Darling, Pratt, & Iutcovich (2002). Mastering course content and learner satisfaction: A comparison of regular classroom instruction with three variations of internet delivery. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 22(4), 267–274.