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Pennsylvania State Epidemiology Profile on Substance Use and Consequences (Fall 2012) [PDF]

Pennsylvania State Epidemiology Profile on Substance Use and Consequences (Winter 2010) [PDF]

EPISCenter Reports

The Economic Return on PCCD's Investment in Research-based Programs: A Cost-benefit Assessment of Delinquency Prevention in Pennsylvania

The Economic Return on PCCDs Investment in Research-based Programs

Reducing Youth Violence and Delinquency in Pennsylvania: PCCD's Research-based Programs Initiative

Reducing Youth Violence and Delinquency in Pennsylvania

The Study of Implementation in School-Based Preventive Interventions: Theory, Research, and Practice

Greenberg, Domitrovich, Graczyk, & Zins

Draft Final Report, 2005
Center for Mental Health Services

The field of prevention (including mental health promotion) has reached an important stage. It is critical that researchers and practitioners share a common framework that enables them to exchange relevant information and communicate effectively regarding both the research and the practice of implementation in implementation programs. To that end, this report has been designed to:

  • define implementation and assess its current status;
  • introduce a broad conceptual model of implementation for school-based prevention programs that includes discussion of both the factors that affect implementation and the need for implementation quality monitoring;
  • review barriers and suggest strategies that practitioners and researchers can use to improve implementation quality; and
  • discuss the implications of implementation for program developers, researchers, trainers, practitioners, and policymakers.

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Preventing Mental Disorders in School-Age Children

A review of the effectiveness of prevention programs

Executive Summary (PDF file)

School Violence: Disciplinary Exclusion, Prevention, and Alternatives

A policy paper on the effectiveness of suspension and expulsion, prevention programs, and alternative schools as responses to school violence.

Abstinence Programs for Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

A policy paper on the effectiveness of abstinence-focused programs for the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

Regulatory Factors in Early Childhood Services

A policy paper providing recommendations for regulatory reform in early childhood services.