Future Directions in Social and Emotional Learning and Education

Future Directions in Social and Emotional Learning and Education

Duration: 2018 - Present
Funding: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Principal Investigator: Meg Small


Building on the success of the first Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded social-emotional learning (SEL) brief series, this second series of briefs will focus on "what's next" in terms of innovative strategies with the potential to address critical remaining challenges and opportunities for the sustainable scaling of SEL in schools and communities. Over three years, a series of 9-10 briefs will be developed that summarize current research and policy implications in SEL.

Topics in this second series will include technology use to increase access; use of assessment data to drive decision making; identification of processes linking SEL and health outcomes; fostering of SEL opportunities to improve health equity; policy changes to support SEL; support of adults through SEL initiatives; and youth empowerment.

The briefs will be used to frame conversations and disseminate findings, with success defined as their utilization by stakeholders in informing their work, and dissemination across social and web media. Our strategy for the development and dissemination of these briefs will include web-ready files,video/media supplements, and meetings focused on three of these topics.

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