Daniela Torrisi

Project Support Assistant

308 BBH Building


Daniela Torrisi started at the Prevention Research Center when she was a student at Penn State, working as an undergraduate research assistant for the Just Breathe research project. She initially got into prevention science because she was interested in working on research that involves contemplative practice. During her time at the Center, Daniela’s key projects have been the Family Foundations Project and the Healthy Aging in Body and Mind project, which is a mindfulness intervention to promote healthy aging.

Daniela’s main areas of interest include community health, mindfulness meditation, obesity prevention and chronic disease prevention. Through her work, Daniela would like to see communities have equal access to fresh food, quality healthcare providers and education systems in order for members of these communities to live a healthy life.

Daniela’s favorite part about the Center is the positive environment that surrounds her and the meaningful projects where she works on. In her leisure time, she enjoys gardening and playing fetch with her dog, Stella.