Jonathan Reader

Graduate Research Assistant

202 Henderson Building

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Jonathan Reader is a Penn State alumni, who is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies in the College of Health and Human Development. Jonathan received his B.S. and master’s degree in HDFS from Penn State as well. He has been working in prevention research for the past two years as a predoctoral trainee in Prevention And Methodology Training program, where his focus is public policy and the implementation of innovative methods to prevent child sexual abuse.

Jonathan would like to develop a family-focused child sexual abuse prevention program using the multiphase optimization strategy that can be integrated into existing parent-training programs. He is currently working on a statewide prevention project that aims to reduce the number of new cases of child sexual abuse through the dissemination of prevention programs. In the future, he hopes to promote evidence-based and best practice prevention efforts within public policy domains to impact lives in the best capacity, and save public health dollars. When not at the Center, Jonathan, a former fencing enthusiast, enjoys reading and cooking.