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Shawn Peck

SPEP™ Project Manager, EPISCenter

206 Towers


Shawn Peck is the SPEP™ Project Manager at the Penn State EPISCenter. In this role, he oversees the expansion of SPEP™ implementation, influences continuous quality improvement, and supervises six regionally based SPEP™ Implementation Specialists. He began implementing the SPEP™ in 2013 with Allegheny and Dauphin Counties and became a Level 2 SPEP™ Trainer in 2014. Shawn also provided technical assistance to McKean and Lebanon Counties until 2018. Shawn is in the process of achieving Level 3 Master SPEP™ Trainer Certification from Vanderbilt University and is actively involved with all levels of SPEP™ training. Prior to the EPISCenter, he spent ten years as a service provider and was an Agency Trainer for Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®). Shawn holds a Master of Public Administration from Penn State.

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Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Support

EPIS (Evidence-based Prevention and Intervention Suport) Center - State-funded technical assistance center in community implementation of evidence-based prevention and intervention programs for Pennsylvania youth and families.
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