Elizabeth Long

Post-doctoral Research Scholar



Elizabeth Long is primarily involved in the quantitative evaluation of the impact of the Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC), as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar for the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center. She is also examining the use of research in legislation and investigating best practices for electronic research dissemination to policymakers.

During her previous internship with the RPC, she had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the research-to-policy process. Her tasks involved:

  • assisting with the establishment of a Rapid Response network for child welfare,
  • outreach with the network to identify those with subject matter expertise,
  • review of empirical literature to gather information for policy briefs, and
  • editing of the RPC manual.

Dr. Long earned her Ph.D. in Clinical and Translational Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she primarily investigated genetic and environmental risk factors for adolescent alcohol use and alcohol use disorders. She was also involved in projects examining risk for child and adolescent psychopathology, and how environmental influences, such as parenting, peer groups, and resiliency and affect risk.