Sarah Kidder

Research Assistant

316 BBH Building

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Sarah Kidder began her career in prevention research about a year ago, when she joined the Center as a research assistant. Since then, Sarah has worked on key projects such as Promoting Healthy Development, the Healthy Relationships Study, and Project Redemption. Sarah’s areas of interest include health, education and school-based intervention programs. Through her work, Sarah hopes to create school-based intervention programs that will improve the learning experience of marginalized communities, such as immigrants, refugees, and other vulnerable populations.

Recently, Sarah received a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research in the Czech Republic, and the Information Literacy Award for her undergraduate honors thesis. Sarah’s favorite aspect of working at the Center is the mindful co-workers who surround her and the comforting work environment. Sarah believes prevention science is critical to the country’s welfare, and in the future would like to pursue a Ph.D. in the areas of education and prevention. When Sarah is not conducting research, she enjoys riding horses and taking pictures.