Shannon Guillot-Wright

Postdoctoral Research Scholar



Dr. Guillot-Wright holds a Ph.D. in the Medical Humanities from the University of Texas Medical Branch and an M.A. in Human Rights from Columbia University. Dr. Guillot-Wright is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar with the Research-to-Policy Collaboration. Broadly, her program of research analyzes health prevention through the discourse of power distribution. She is currently evaluating how policymakers and researchers collaboratively impact legislation through her ethnographic work with the Research-to-Policy Collaboration in Washington D.C. 

Previously, Dr. Guillot-Wright conducted ethnographic fieldwork with Filipino migrant seafarers in the Gulf of Mexico. Her photo-ethnography with seafarers traces how structural and symbolic violence are embodied and then manifests through illness, injury, and death.

Dr. Guillot-Wright has received research support from the Texas Medical Center's Health Policy Institute, Mennigner Foundation, Simmons Foundation, and Moody Foundation. She has published in International Maritime Health, School Mental Health, and the Texas Public Health Journal. Dr. Guillot-Wright was a selected artist for the National Academy of Medicine's Visualize Health Equity pop-up gallery in Washington, D.C., is the co-founder of - a photovoice project that uses photography to highlight the diversity of people, scenery, and architecture, is the co-founder of the ACEs to Assets Collaborative, and sits on the Advisory Board for the Children’s Defense Fund – Texas