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Sukhdeep Gill

Professor, HDFS, Penn State York

14 Main Classroom, PSU York

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Sukhdeep Gill started working in prevention research over 20 years ago in order to further evidence-based preventative interventions to change trajectories and outcomes for families. Since beginning her career in prevention science, Sukhdeep has worked towards raising awareness about service providers and promoting social-emotional learning as the foundation for peacebuilding. She has worked on many key projects, including REDI, EHS program evaluation projects, Recipe 4 Success, and CARE. At the Center, Sukhdeep most enjoys the sense of collective power and mutual respect that is present among her colleagues.

Sukhdeep’s research interests include developing, implementing and evaluating preventative interventions for families with young children who come from a background of poverty to promote health, social-emotional development, and school readiness. Looking forward, Sukhdeep would like to work with the Asia-pacific Regional Network of Early Childhood (ARNEC) to promote evidence-based interventions to encourage social-emotional learning and peacebuilding. Recently, UNICEF/EAPRO awarded Sukhdeep a Consultant position to develop social-emotional learning curricular guidelines.

Outside of the lab or classroom, you might find Sukhdeep at home in her yard or singing and performing at Indian gatherings.

Current Projects

Promoting Self-Regulation Skills and Healthy Eating Habits in Head Start

This five-year grant, funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, involves a res earch team from the University of Wisconsin and Penn State working with Early Head Start programs in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to improve: (1) parents’ sensitive scaffolding of toddlers’ learning, (2) toddlers’ self-regulation skills, such as waiting patiently, and (3) healthy eating habits. The ultimate goal of this prevention program is to enhance school readiness and physical health among children living in poverty.
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Recent Publications

Early Head Start start-up planning: Implications for staff support, job satisfaction, burnout, and turnover.

Gill, S., Nathans, L. L., Seidel, A. J., & Greenberg, M. T. (2017). Early Head Start start-up planning: Implications for staff support, job satisfaction, burnout, and turnover. Journal of Community Psychology. doi: 10.1002/jcop.21857