Headshot of Lori Francis

Lori Francis

Associate Professor, BBH

219 BBH Building


Lori studies the sociocultural factors influencing the development of obesity in low-income and minority children, including family environment, neighborhood characteristics and socioeconomic status; family-based
interventions to reduce and prevent obesity and related morbidities in children; understanding biobehavioral, family environmental and cultural factors that influence self-regulation of energy intake and body weight
in young children.

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Current Projects

Promoting Self-Regulation Skills and Healthy Eating Habits in Head Start

This five-year grant, funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, involves a res earch team from the University of Wisconsin and Penn State working with Early Head Start programs in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to improve: (1) parents’ sensitive scaffolding of toddlers’ learning, (2) toddlers’ self-regulation skills, such as waiting patiently, and (3) healthy eating habits. The ultimate goal of this prevention program is to enhance school readiness and physical health among children living in poverty.
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