Kamila Dvorakova

PRC Adjunct Faculty

308 BBH Building

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Kamila Dvorakova got her start in prevention research in 2012 when she began working as a doctoral Research Assistant. In 2017, she has finished her Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State under the mentorship of Mark Greenberg.

Now, Kamila is a co-investigator and project coordinator for the Center, where she studies first-year college students’ health and well-being using innovative technology. Through her research, Kamila explores evidence-based strategies in educational settings, particularly through the promotion of genuine personal and social awareness as a way to support healthy youth development. Most recently, Kamila began to work on prevention and implementation projects in Central and Eastern Europe, including research in mindfulness and self-compassion with teachers in the Czech Republic.

At the PRC, Kamila’s most enjoys the collaboration, kindness and sense of community that is present. Outside of work, Kamila enjoys being out in nature with family and friends, singing and playing the harmonium and doing yoga. 

Current Projects