Headshot of Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

PAMT Post-doctoral Trainee

404 HHD Building

Biography & Projects


Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2019 (Family Science – Couple and Family Therapy)
M.A., University of Minnesota, 2015 (Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology)
B.A., University of St. Thomas, 2012 (Psychology)

Research Interests & Collaborators

There are two main trajectories of my research: (a) examining risk and protective factors associated with positive adaptations to stress/trauma by using subgroup analyses, such as latent profile analysis and (b) using community-engaged program implementation strategies to enhance the effectiveness of evidence-based preventive interventions for substance use and mental health problems, specifically for populations exposed to stress and traumatic events. I am passionate about using existing data sources to advance our understanding of community mental health and advance substance use prevention programs. My primary collaborations are with Mayra Bámaca-Colbert and Damon Jones.

The Prevention and Methodology Training Program (PAMT) program, funded by a T32 grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, trains pre-and post-doctoral researchers in the integration of prevention science and statistical methodology for the behavioral sciences.