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In Mindful: Living with awareness and compassion

Jennings, P. A. (2011). Teachers tuning in. [Teachers Tuning In]

Jennings, P. A. (2011). Mindfulness and learning: What's the connection? [Mindfulness and Learning: What’s the Connection?]

Jennings, P. A. (2011). There are no tigers in a blackboard jungle. [There are no tigers in a blackboard jungle]

Book Chapters

Jennings, P. A. (2011). Promoting teachers' social and emotional competencies to support performance and reduce burnout. Chapter 13 in A. Cohan & A. Honigsfeld (Eds.), Breaking the mold of preservice and inservice teacher education: Innovative and successful practices for the twenty-first century (pp. 133–143). New York: Rowman & Littlefield. [Breaking the Mold of Preservice and Inservice Teacher Education: Innovative and Successful Practices for the Twenty-first Centur]


Jennings, P. A. (2008). Contemplative education and youth development. New Directions for Youth Development (118, Summer), 101–105. [Contemplative education and youth development]

Duncan, L. J., Coatsworth, D. J., & Greenberg, M. T. (2009). A model of mindful parenting: Implications for parent-child relationships and prevention research. Child Clinical and Family Psychology Review, 12, 255–270. PMCID: PMC2730447 [A Model of Mindful Parenting: Implications for Parent–Child Relationships and Prevention Research]

Duncan, L. J., Coatsworth, J. D., & Greenberg, M. T. (2009). Pilot study to gauge acceptability of a mindfulness-based, family-focused preventive intervention. Journal of Primary Prevention, 30, 605–618. [Pilot Study to Gauge Acceptability of a Mindfulness- Based, Family-Focused Preventive Intervention]

Coatsworth, J. D., Duncan, L. G., Greenberg, M. T., & Nix, R. L. (2010). Changing parent's mindfulness, child management skills, and relationship quality with their youth: Results from a randomized pilot intervention trial. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 19, 203–217. [Changing Parent’s Mindfulness, Child Management Skills and Relationship Quality With Their Youth: Results From a Randomized Pilo]

Jennings, P. A., & Greenberg, M. T. (2009). The prosocial classroom: Teacher social and emotional competence in relation to student and classroom outcomes. Review of Educational Research, 79(1), 491–525. [The Prosocial Classroom: Teacher Social and Emotional Competence in Relation to Student and Classroom Outcomes]

Jennings, P. A., Snowberg, K. E., Coccia. M. A., & Greenberg, M. T. (2011). Improving classroom learning environments by Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE): Results of two pilot studies. Journal of Classroom Interaction, 46(1), 37–48. [Improving Classroom Learning Environments by Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education (CARE ): Results of Two Pilot Stu]

Mendelson, T., Greenberg, M. T., Dariotis, J., Feagans-Gould, L., Rhoades, B., & Leaf, P. (2010). Feasibility and preliminary outcomes of a school-based mindfulness intervention for urban youth. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 38, 985–994. doi 10.1007/s10802-010-9418-x [Feasibility and Preliminary Outcomes of a School-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Urban Youth]

Popular Press

Inner-City Inner Life—The Mindful Society (March 2011 issue of Shambhala Sun)

Say Om: Mindfulness Makes a Difference in the Lives of Urban Youth (Center for Adolescent Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Adolescent Matters Issues Brief, Winter 2011)

Yoga, Meditation Program Helps City Youths Cope with Stress
Article in the Baltimore Sun, February 23, 2011, that includes section on Tamar Mendelson's and Mark Greenberg's work in Baltimore, MD