Penn State Prevention Research Center and Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State

INSPIRE is a web-based software program that provides an integrated platform for a variety of applications, including evidence-based prevention programs in schools, communities, and the healthcare industry. INSPIRE is designed to be used by “change agent” organizations – those organizations that support the adoption and continuous improvement of evidence-based programs, practices, and policies. Multiple stakeholders may interact with INSPIRE, but technical assistance providers and university-based research and practice centers are the primary users.

INSPIRE integrates data from existing systems (e.g., school records, census, etc.), allows for original custom digital data collection, and makes data immediately available. Thus, INSPIRE can create a virtual environment in which diverse stakeholders can access the specific data and information they need to take productive action and assume collective responsibility for change. Consequently, INSPIRE will allow for standardized data to be gathered from many institutions to create a rich data source for studying implementation and outcomes.

For more information on the INSPIRE project, visit its website.


Center for Manufacturing Enterprise Integration (College of Engineering)

Prevention Research Center (College of Health and Human Development)

EPISCenter (Prevention Research Center, HHD)

Center for Prevention & Early Intervention, Johns Hopkins University

John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence at Penn State (College of Health and Human Development)

Penn State Center for Service Enterprise Engineering (College of Engineering)


Brian Bumbarger

Director, EPISCenter

Celene Domitrovich

Assistant Director, Penn State Prevention Research Center

Kitt Camplese

Project Associate, Penn State Center for Child/Adult Development

Vittal Prabhu

Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Penn State