Information for PRC Seminar Speakers

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this semester's seminar series for the Prevention Research Center at Penn State. The following information may be useful to you as you plan your visit and talk.

Initial Contact about Your Seminar

About two months prior to your seminar, you will receive an email with instructions on the seminar format, available equipment, and other details. That information is provided here, too.

You may also contact the seminar series organizer, Dr. Meg Small, at, with any questions you may have about the details of your presentation.

Presentation Title and Abstract

Please plan to send your presentation title and an abstract to Lee Carpenter ( about one month prior to your scheduled date to ensure broad dissemination of seminar information.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Length. Please limit your talk to approximately 40 minutes.
  • Questions. Please come prepared with at least one question for discussion.
  • PPT File. Please send a copy of your PPT prior to your talk to Lee Carpenter (
  • Presentation Posting on PRC Website. Powerpoint presentations are being posted after the seminar on the PRC website with the speaker's permission.
  • Videotaping. We are not videotaping seminars at the present time. [We are also asking seminar speakers to allow us to videotape their presentations. If we may do so, please fill out this form and return it to Lee Carpenter before the date of your seminar (email:; mail: Lee Carpenter, Prevention Research Center, Penn State, 308D Biobehavioral Health Building, University Park, PA 16801; fax: (814) 865-2530).]


The room in which you will be speaking is equipped with a variety of types of equipment, including a PC that will allow projection of PowerPoint slides, and an overhead projector. If your presentation has special requirements, please let Lee know ahead of time.

Out-of-Town Visitors

If you are visiting us from out of town and need assistance with travel and/or lodging arrangements, please contact Carol Masullo ( She will be happy to assist you.

Flights and Lodging. If flying to University Park, please take a look at possible flights and let Carol know what works best with your schedule and she will do her best to accommodate your request. Per TSA requirements, in order to book airfare on your behalf, she will need your birth date and your phone number.

She will take care of your lodging arrangements and will send you confirmation and hotel details.

Upon your arrival at the Prevention Research Center, please stop by her office (307 Biobehavioral Health Building) to complete the necessary forms for travel reimbursement (see below). At that time she can answer any questions that you may have regarding your stay at Penn State.

Maps and related directions to the Prevention Research Center

Visitors Forms. We ask that you print and fill out and then return to Carol two forms--a Visitor's Information Sheet for Income and Travel, and a Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Form. Both forms should be returned to Carol before your departure from Penn State.

If you cannot give them to her before your departure, please mail them as soon as possible upon your return home to: Carol Masullo, Prevention Research Center, Penn State, 307 Biobehavioral Health Building, University Park, PA 16801.

Itinerary. Seminar speakers who will be visiting the Prevention Research Center for a few days will be consulted about and provided with an itinerary before their arrival at Penn State. Please contact Dr. Small for additional information.