Enhancing Patient Communication Among Dermatologists

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Funder: NCI
Start Date: 2009

The objective of this etiological research is to train MDs to deliver a BNI intervention to their patients in the context of a routine office visit. The primary aim of the study is to fully develop a sustainable BNI training program focused on UVL risk and protective behaviors for MDs and evaluate whether MDs can be trained to deliver the BNI to patients with fidelity. Approximately 10 dermatologists will be recruited to the study. All MDs will be observed interacting with patients prior to receiving the BNI training to assess baseline MD-patient communication during a routine office visit. Following the baseline assessments, MDs will receive the BNI training, additional supervision, and be assessed for ability to deliver the BNI with fidelity. If the study determines MDs are able to deliver the BNI to patients with fidelity, future studies will examine the impact of the BNI intervention on patients with regard to UVL risk and protective behaviors. The present study explores the ability of physicians to be trained to deliver a behavioral intervention in the context of naturally occurring patient interactions and shows promise for long term sustainability.


Kim Mallett , Ph.D.

Penn State (PI)

Rob Turrisi, Ph.D.

Penn State (Co-PI)